Emmanuel Bengio Programmer, scientist, musician.
Computer Science B.Sc. from the DIRO at Université de Montréal.
Computer Science Masters from the McGill SOCS under the supervision of Joelle Pineau and Doina Precup. My thesis was on conditional computation.

Currently PhD student at the Reasoning and Learning Lab in McGill, under the supervision of Joelle Pineau and Doina Precup.

I'm mainly interested in Machine Learning, especially Deep Learning and Reinforcement Learning and mixing both, compiler design and implementation, programming as a topic.
Reach me on gmail, my username is bengioe.
Here is my curriculum vitae.
Research & Writings Conditional Computation in Neural Networks for faster models
Emmanuel Bengio, Pierre-Luc Bacon, Joelle Pineau, Doina Precup. International Conference on Learning Representations, Workshop Track (ICLR 2016)
> github code, [Youtube] ICML Abstraction in RL talk

Conditional computation in neural networks using a decision-theoretic approach
Pierre-Luc Bacon, Emmanuel Bengio, Joelle Pineau, Doina Precup. 2nd Multidisciplinary Conference on Reinforcement Learning and Decision Making (RLDM 2015)
> github code

Combining modality specific deep neural networks for emotion recognition in video
Samira Ebrahimi Kahou et al. Proceedings of the 15th ACM on International conference on multimodal interaction. ACM, 2013.

On weight initialization of deep networks
Code & stuff theano_tools, boilerplate theano code and tools I use for my experiments.
condnet, policy driven sparse neural net, using explicit sparse dot products for speed.
Continuous component autoencoders, an exploration of activation functions for neural nets.
Ekanz, attempt at a Python-like JIT compiler.
Rogue, a Scheme Scheme-to-x64 compiler.
PyVariable, a C++ class that wraps PyObject (2.x).
Pirate Story Online, the first big game (attempt) I ever made (age 13-15).

Theano, a short practical guide, presentation I made to introduce Theano.
Things worth reading This is water (the late David Foster Wallace)
How to be perfectly unhappy (the Oatmeal)
Music Things I have composed and recorded, on Soundcloud.

Things I listen to (in no particular order):
Uriah Heep, Gentle Giant, Dream Theater, Sloche, Maneige, Led Zeppelin, Pollen (Qc), Liquid Tension Experiment, Smooth McGroove, Don Ross, Rush, Ewan Dobson, Harmonium, Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd